A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Star Strikers is a 2v2 3D multiplayer arcade starfighter that takes place out in the wide expanse of space.

Battle against other players online as you shoot weapons, dodge obstacles, and rack up points for your team.

Leave us some feedback: Star Strikers Playtesting Feedback (google.com)

Development Team:

Abby Pearson - Producer, UI Artist

Amanda Hackbardt - Lead Programmer, UI Designer

Gonzalo Barrera - Lead Designer

Jack Sargent - 3D Environmental / Lead Artist

Reid Shinabarker - Gameplay Programmer

Joe Sak - Gameplay Programmer

Alex Dawisha - Designer

Andy Zhang - Technical Artist

Alex Hoffmeyer - Sound Designer

References and Assets used: 

Bunker Light from "aurelkillers1" on Sketchfab

Space Skybox from "Base Assets" on the Unity Asset Store 

Panel pack/Markom3D_GreebleSet1 from "Markom3D" on Gumroad 

Space Assets and references from "Veh: Spaceships" on KITBASH3D

Planet textures and references from Solar System Scope 

Asset packs from "Oleg Ushenok" on Artstation Market  

  • MechWarrior Hard Surface Kitbash 8 of 20 - Standard Use License
  • Mega Pack Sci-Fi Hard Surface KITBASH 320 DETAILS - Standard Use License
  • Mega Pack Sci-Fi Hard Surface KITBASH 400 DETAILS - Standard Use License

In-game textures from Substance Painter and Texture Haven


Star_Strikers_Windows.zip 331 MB
Star_Strikers_MAC.zip 349 MB
Readme.txt 587 bytes

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